About Us

Our Story begins in humble roots with one man, one dog and big dreams. Shortly after came a woman, a baby and more dogs and puppies. Since then we have grown in family and dogs. We are a family run business with lots of love and passion for our breed. We started small with our first few dog shows relatively unknown.

Over the years we have gained insurmountable experience and knowledge which we happily pass on to you and those investigating the breed. We want to be a resource in health, training and overall well being of our Dogos and their new families. If we don’t have the information for you, we will find it.

Our goal is to breed Dogos for health, temperament and size. We strive for our dogos to be the best.

We are situated on a property with a mix of open fields and wooded areas to keep our dogs and puppies stimulated and a chance for dogs to be dogs. Every year we are expanding and growing our program to better suit the needs of our dogs and of our patrons.  You will not be disappointed contacting us for a pup!