Purchase Process

Price of our pups vary based on pet quality to top breed standards. Pups can be pet quality for a variety of reasons health, markings, etc. We cannot guarantee we will always have pet quality pups available. Prices vary from $3000-$7000 for non-breeding contracts with additional cost for ear cropping and shipping. We reserve first picks for continuity of our business. If you are interested in breeding indicate in your application and include your breeding plan and program.

You will receive the following:
A pup exposed to early neurological stimulation

A pup raised in an environment that would promote positive mental and physical resiliency and stability.

Age appropriate vaccinations with vet record 

Two year health guarantee on hips and elbows with honoured contract.

Copy of AKC Limited Registration and a non breeding contract.

Shopping list of tried and tested products that work for us, to help you prepare for your pup. 

Housebreaking schedule/routine and a welcome home puppy pamphlet with helpful tips and behaviours to avoid while raising your dogo pup

Continuous support with your Dogo and resources to help with any arising challenges along the way. 

Complimentary 30 day puppy insurance with Trupanion

Transition food

Basic recall, sit and initial potty training.

We will pick your pup for you based on the information you provide us with, puppy temperament testing and the type of household you have. 

What’s next? 

  1. Fill out our application. We want to know more about you and your family and what kind of characteristics in a pup your interested in. 
  2. Once we receive your application we will contact successful applicants with any further questions closer to the arrival of our litter. We may conduct a home visit- this allows us to make recommendations on how to make your home more Dogo proof. 
  3. When you’re ready and have been approved we will keep you updated on puppies expected date of arrival, puppy arrival, and weekly updates including BAER test completion and vet check ups. 
  4. Deposit is required only after we have confirmed a puppy that matches your request. The deposit is $500 and is non refundable. (Deposit can be received via email transfer) Remaining amount is required prior to ear cropping if requested or at time of pick up if ears are natural. This amount includes HST.
  5. At week 7 we will send you a shopping list and other literature that will help you to prepare for your puppy’s arrival home, including the contract of purchase to be reviewed.  As well we will arrange a date for puppy pick up. 
  6. At 8-10 weeks pups are ready to leave us and head to their new home. Those who received ear cropping the pups will stay with us for after care.