Upcoming Litters

Puppies have arrived ! 

Homing will begin September 2023  

 Our much anticipated litter between:

EC Benevolo’s Eises and EC Benevolo’s Trouble

Eises is an our gentle giant. He loves to play, lean in for affection and travels well. He had a very strong even temperament. He is happy to play then relax with his family. He had a very happy demeanour about him. He is a little tall and heavy for breed standards, although his health and temperament make him an excellent specimen for breeding. We cannot wait to see the results of this litter. 

Trouble is a beautiful dog that is full of desire to work and train. She is attentive and willing to please. She loves affection.  She has a high prey drive and play drive. She is a hunter through and through. She is fearless and strong. She does require a string leader with consistent boundaries. We anticipate her pups will require no less. 

We are seeking individuals who are willing to work their dogs, give them jobs or work towards finishing pups. 

If you are seeking a puppy please review our:

FAQ and Purchase Process 

Then fill out our application to be considered for our waiting list on upcoming litters. Puppies prices vary from $3000-$7000

Below are Trouble and her pups at various ages  


Some of our previous pups at their new homes or during their stay with us at various ages.