I’ve always wanted to have my own dog. I searched for the perfect breed and found the Dogo Argentino, I was hooked. Luckily I found a breeder who I think is the best Dogo breeder around. Corey has given me all the information and support I needed to make the right pick. I can call him anytime for whatever, he really cares for the dogs he breeds and is adamant on sending the his pups to the right future homes, which I really appreciate. Athena is now 2 years old and very healthy. She is great with kids and other dogs. Thank you Cory, Athena has been a blessing and a great addition to the family.

-Forever Dogo owner, Luc Belanger


A year ago, I had the pleasure to adopt my amazing dogo argentino puppy “Zeus” from EC BENEVOLO KENNELS. I am very satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge that they provided us throughout the process of getting Zeus. He is such an amazing puppy from an awesome bloodline that Corey and Lindsay provided us. I recommend strongly that if you are looking to adopt this beautiful breed, that you go with EC BENEVOLO.

-Sgt Dom Poissant (Retired Armed Forces)


Owning a Dogo Argentino was always my dream. For several years prior, I had researched the breed thoroughly and had also searched for reputable breeders all over Canada. At the right time, I came across EC BENEVOLO KENNELS. While working through the purchasing process, Corey and Lindsay were very helpful and accommodating. My pup needed to be held longer than usual as I needed to travel approximately 19 hours and couldn’t get there when he was ready to go home. Since bringing Kilo home, I’ve had to reach out to Corey and Lindsay several times requesting a variety of questions and concerns and found the both of them extremely helpful and supportive at these times. Kilo has grown into an absolutely beautiful pup (I get compliments everywhere we go). He has such an amazing, well-rounded temperament and outstanding personality! I couldn’t be happier with the support I have from EC BENEVOLO KENNELS and will continue to have. Thank you sincerely for providing me with the dog of my dreams and my best friend!

-Missy B


When we found out that Lindsay and Corey were starting up their website, we wanted to jump at the chance to share our fulfilling experience with our special “little girl”. We are the proud parents of a beautiful hundred pound Dogo Argentino sweetheart named Bita. Her name (“Bee-tah”) means “unique, one and only” in Persian, and she truly lives up to it, as she captures every heart she comes across. Born January 15th, 2017, she came into our lives on March 11th, 2017- on Willie’s birthday. Lindsay and Corey knew this and presented us with a cake to make the day extra special, and we appreciated their thoughtfulness.

We knew we wanted a Dogo because of their sound health and athleticism, a companion to keep up with our active lifestyle. We are so grateful that Corey and Lindsay know what they are doing when it comes to breeding their dogs, and the result is a perfectly healthy puppy, who is gorgeous to boot. Bita just recently turned one and we have accomplished so much together in our first year. It’s not easy raising a puppy, and throw in a beast of a breed like the Dogo, and you have your work cut out for you.

From the moment we brought her home at ten pounds, we set boundaries, cognizant of the fact that she would grow into a powerhouse. After training her ourselves, we came across a group class at Beyond the Leash K-9 Training in Mississauga, and enrolled her at ten months. We highly recommend anyone getting a powerful breed like the Dogo to seek out a good obedience trainer in your area. It has made a world of difference and she enjoys it! She has a big crush on the instructor and always wants to perform well! Haha. She is an awesome example of a balanced and well-behaved dog. She LOVES to play, exercise on her treadmill, is extremely affectionate with people, and very gentle with small children and dogs.

We appreciate how Lindsay and Corey have always been there for any questions we have, and are only an email or phone call away. Our wish with Bita is to continue enjoying one another every day, and for us all to have long and healthy lives together. We love her more each day we spend together, and she is the heart of our family.

-Willie, Sheila & Bita


We got our girl Ochi from Corey and Lindsay in May of 2015 and could not be more happy with her. They were great breeders to deal with and were more than happy to answer all the questions we had. Living in Calgary and having our dog sent across the country was a breeze so wether you are local or far away you can rest easy dealing with Corey and Lindsay. 3 years later they are still in touch and always wanting to know how she is doing and still gladly answering any questions and concerns. You won’t be just buying a dog from EC Benevolo Kennels you will be getting a great companion with a lifetime of support.

Ochi is a wonderful dog. She is very affectionate and true to Dogo nature also protective with a high prey drive. While we haven’t hunted with her she has been great around guns and fireworks while camping and doesn’t spook easily. We will definitely be calling on EC Benevolo when we are ready for our next Dogo!

-Kyle and Jen Tanner