Ear Cropping
There is lots of controversy surrounding whether or not to crop your dogs ears. There is legislation to prevent it in many places. The Dogo breed standard includes both cropped and uncropped ears. Here are some of the benefits and negatives surrounding ear choices.

Ear Breaths Better (less infection, though diet and cleaning your dogs ears can prevent this).
Less likely of injury or loss of ear during attack/hunting.
Esthetically pleasing.
Corrects incorrect ear set/markings

Risk of losing pup in surgery.
More dirt in ear.
Risk of infection.
Trauma of surgery.
Possible pain to dog.
Perceived “Meaner” look
Suppresses Immune System
Potential of Infectious Organisms
Laws in other provinces/states/countries
Lack of vets that do procedure.
Cost of procedure.
Could end up with a poor job



Keeps the dog with more drive (testosterone/estrogen).

Less wandering. Less marking territory (territorial).

No unplanned breedings.

Less chance of certain related types of cancers.

Less aggression. Less stress when females go into heat or have missed a chance to breed.

No bleeding


Dog has more drive.

Can’t. breed the dog (unless freeze sperm).

Less testosterone/estrogen in system.

Risk of loss during surgery.

Some Dogos develop red patches in their feet and claws and can have a build up of ear discharge that can lead to frequent ear infections. This build up is related to overabundance of yeast. It can easily be resolved with diet. It takes up to three weeks to see the true affect of a food. Routinne cleaning of the dogs ear can help diminish frequency of infection. If these areas are left unaddressed they can lead to hot spots and increase stress for your dog

Other Common issues to be aware of and prepare for with owning a dog.

Sunburn/Hearstroke- be sure on hot sunny days to have shade and lots of water available for your Dogo. Ears and muzzle most at risk of sunburn

It is important to vaccinate and give preventative medications to minimize these health risks.
Ticks/ Lyme Disease

In the spring months there are many parasites that are prevalent. Avoid your pups and dogs from drinking from puddles as many parasites live there. Also avaoiding frequently visited dog areas in the early Spring months to minimize potential exposure to some of the folowing parasites and worms.
Coccidia (Coccidiosis)
Your dog can develop diarrhea or loose stool and can have blood depending on the infection. Ensure they get lots of fluid and monitor for persistent diarrhea or gradual or rapid weight loss.
Turned Stomach
Both Types of Mange

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