Please be aware of the necessity of commitment, dedication and trust needed to own a Dogo Argentino. This is an advanced breed. Our program produces dogs with medium to high prey drive with moderate energy. Some of our pups do have high energy. Dogos are best suited to homes where there is a focus on ongoing training, development performance, hunting or dogs with jobs.

Please read and watch the following first before applying.

Purchase Process
Diego the Dogo with Cesar Millan- Dog Whisperer
Season 7, Episode 12 “Warrior Dog”
Paws and reflect before buying that ‘pandemic puppy,’ experts warn – CBC News

If you or anyone in your family has doubts of owning a Dogo then a Dogo will not be for you. A Dogo is a big game hunter with natural protective instincts. Having doubts and fears about owning a Dogo can exacerbate these characteristics.

Successful applicants will be contacted for further questions closer to the date of our litter. We keep a running internet list. There will be a legally binding contract for completion at time of purchase.

We reserve the right of pick of the litter for our own breeding program. We have the right to refuse to sell anyone a dog we see as unsuitable.

Price of pups $3000-$7000. Plus an additional cost for breeding rights.