Stonham’s Ignacio Santo

June, 2012

This male has proven himself in many avenues. He has been boar, gun and conformation. He…   Continue

EC Benevolo’s Constantino

Jan, 2016

This dog is a loyal and loving dog. He has protective instincts and a likeness to…   Continue

Atix Del Lirio Blanco

Oct, 2015

This dog is all muscle and drive. He is an exemplary specimen of the breed. He…   Continue

Stonham’s Double T Rubble

Sept, 2016

Is a very affectionate dog. She loves to run around in the yard with the kids…   Continue


Jan, 2017

This pup is a playful sort. He enjoys being outside with companions. He grew up with…   Continue

Sirius Isis Cordoba

February 13, 2011

This is our matriarch of the kennel. She is the Beta of the pack. She is…   Continue

Archivada Del Lirio Blanco

July, 2013

She is a most loving and loyal dog. She has unmatched energy and prey drive. Yet…   Continue

EC Benevolo’s Aphrodite

December, 2013

Exemplifies many of her mothers qualities. She has a physical presence that is awe inspiring. She…   Continue

EC Benevolo’s Blanca

February, 2015

Is a more reserved dogo until out in the fields. She loves to run yet has…   Continue