Rules for Buyers

1. NO REFUNDS PERIOD. (Dogs, deposits or hip/elbow guarantees).

If a replacement dog is issued, it is of comparable price and the original dog is to be cared for by owner.

2. Not responsible for damage dog does, ever.

3. Dog is not to be resold or given away. If dogs need to be returned to breeder there will be NO REFUND.

4. Spay and Neuter must be done by 1 year of age.

5. Must not abuse the dog in any way.

6. LBP formula is highly recommended.

7. Must UKC register dog in kennels registration name.

8. Breeder must be able to visit the dog.

By agreeing yes to this, you activate these rules and are approved for the purchase of a dog.

By not following these conditions, it voids the warranty and dog could be returned to breeder at the expense of the buyer.